Mindfulness is a wonderful technique

You may have heard about mindfulness and know that it is good for your mental well-being and your physical health, that it is a good way to relieve stress. But how to achieve it is something else.

The meditation gurus will tell you that consciousness demands that you pay attention to the present moment with an open, uncritical and compassionate awareness; It sounds simple And research on technology shows that it can significantly reduce anxiety, stress, the onset of depression and the perception of pain, and help reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. So where is the negative side or is there none?

That's not why the human brain has evolved. In the background, our brains are designed to survive in the Savannah. It means solving problems and avoiding dangers. This means that our mind recognizes negative information faster than positive information and we tend to think about previous issues and point out possible future developments. However, on the upside, a primitive lifestyle had a reasonable downtime, which made the body's natural relaxation response act as a counterpart to the brain's instinct, alerting of dangers and difficulties.

It is something that our society has lost day and night on the road. Mindfulness is something that needs to be nurtured and practiced. With daily use, the benefits usually appear after only few weeks. And these benefits are important because they encompass a wide range of basic skills for happiness. Skills such as empathy, communication and interpersonal skills focus attention and modulate fear.

Having something to help us make good friends, improve our concentration, create a sense of peace and tranquility and be really good for our mental and physical health must be a winner.

Mindfulness is a wonderful technique. In therapeutic settings, it is very fashionable and a lot of research has been done, showing that regular exercises of fatigue and depression, hypertension, stress and anxiety, as well as the perception of pain reduce considerably anxiety and anger, which also increases physical and mental well-being Solidarity, empathy, concentration and concentration improve the quality of our relationships.

The conscious development of these qualities and their conscious expression and orientation towards themselves and others can greatly enhance our practice of mindfulness.