Tips That Actors Use

I wanted to give some advice from the point of view of the casting director, myself.

Prepare to talk. When choosing a season, we can only draw a lot of information from the monologue. I tried to involve all the actors in the chat to get an idea of ​​who they were. Some people just could not do it; They were nervous or thought we were in a hurry. Regardless of the quality of the monologue, these actors have not done much.

Do not miss the room. It's a big problem! People came to the door before I could ask them for a second monologue or ask them a question. In most cases, I just let it go. This is not the kind of person with whom it will be easy to work.

Do not ask me for a Facebook friend. I provided my company's email address and mailing address. This is my favorite contact. I do not know you, we are not friends.

Follow-up by email or post. Follow-ups allow me to remember the best auditions. And shows enthusiasm and professionalism.

Dress well. Let me know that the impression you make is important to you.

Get ready with a contrast monologue. If the first talent shows talent, you may want to see more rank. We choose a whole season, a lot of papers!

Ask if you want. Examine the business and try to find your place.