Did You See Escape Room?

To get out of the room, you have to solve a series of puzzles. Some information or some objects are hidden, some visible, others later.

Look carefully!

Some elements are carefully hidden. Search under and for hidden objects or information.

Use the objects in the room. Search for an escape room near me now!

Almost every object in the room has a purpose. Think about what is used for something and enjoy it.

Share your learning!

You must work / communicate with your team members. The information or objects you find may be important for a puzzle in which another person is working. Successful teams communicate as efficiently as possible.

Do not get stuck.

If you can not solve a puzzle, do not waste too much time, because there are other puzzles in the room where you can work. If you have problems, recruit one of your classmates to help you. Continue with another challenge and come back later if necessary.

Do not give up!

Some of the puzzles are supposed to be difficult. Sometimes a solution is obvious, sometimes not. Take a deep breath and think about how to approach the solution. More notes on your puzzle can be discovered or discovered later. Stay active Continue your search Try again

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